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How Do You Wash Your Car?

As of today, winter stopped showing its miserable face and the sun came up which gave me the opportunity to clean the car for the first time this year. I hate having a dirty car and enjoy washing it, so I got to it.

My washing utensils include a small bucket, long brush, and stronger brush for the wheel arches, rims and tires. For the body, I have a hand mitt, 2 microfiber towels, a bigger bucket and some car shampoo. I believe this is a good combination of care for the paint and not being too pedantic about it. I got the tips from AMMO and Drive Clean, their videos are excellent.

First I clean the wheels, rims, and wheel arches from the mud. I take about an hour with all 4 wheels so they are as good as brand new. Then, I clean the body. I begin spraying the car twice with a "shower" setting on my hose gun. Then, I use soaped water to constantly wash were the mitt will pass to take all the muck from the paint. After the areas are clean I use the first microfiber towel to clean the excess drops and a second dry microfiber towel to take away any water marks (that I hate with a passion). I finish off details in the doors and inside the cabin and I am good to go. All in, it was a 2 and a half hour job.


You might think this is a bit of an overkill, but I care a lot about my car. What even more ironic, is that my girlfriends father actually owns a car wash. But tell me, how do you wash your car?

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