The luxury car segment is made up of 3 very cool guys.

BMW- The athlete that, although he has gained some weight and constantly acts like an insufferable prick still has that sporting heritage it once was so prominent. He wears oakley shades constantly.

Mercedes Benz- Probably the wisest and the one with the most experience. He tries to act young sometimes, and some may argue has the coolest attitude. He also constantly believes he is desired by everyone and tries to get away with it. But in the end, theres a whiff of old about him, and he never forgets his roots. Probably the man every parent wants their daughter to marry.

Audi- He is now receiving a lot of attention. Sometimes, not even deserved. But he is a reserved guy who understands what he can do and only demonstrates all of his potential when pushed. He tries to be bit of both of the other guys, but is always unique in his own way. Yes, he will punch you.


Then there is every other dude that tries to be them. Sometimes, they overachieve and match them, sometimes they are just a hair to catch them, but most of the times they can't even scratch them. In the "Participation Trophy" group we find Lincoln.

Pardon me Ford, The Official Lincoln Motor Company Of Automobiles.


Lincoln Motor Company of Automobiles has, like most of the others in the "Consolation Prize" gang, tried to reinvent itself with boldness, dynamics and innovation. To be honest, I don't know what any of these words mean or what they are supposed to imply, but in the advertising of any of these brands they are about as used as the word "herbs" is in a bad cooking show.

Lincoln has been on a roll lately of designing very handsome (To Me) cars and SUV's that try to separate more from the Ford Products they are born from. Is the MKZ a rebadged Fusion? Or course not, and you'd have to be either blind or annoying to say it is. Same goes for the MKC, which in reality are the only 2 models the brand needs in order to thrive. Their interiors have also improved with the new ghastly named "Black Label" luxury package that embody the combination of hues, cows and oak. Add to that a Concierge service, a more exclusive customer treatment and you do have a more upscale brand that justifies the couple thousands that will cost you. Now the only thing that it's missing is a successful advertising campaign that reels people in and that gives Lincoln this hip, sophisticated vibe everyone is going after.

This advertising campaign has already aired, but Lincoln has taken it too far and pretty much


harmed itself whilst doing it.

In their ads, there is an old Lincoln Town car in motion in what seems to be the same desert James May drove the Range Rover Evoque. Then, it quickly explodes (or implodes?) to show the new MKZ. Its a demonstration that Lincoln wants not only to forget that vehicle, but to extinct it from humanity. Im sorry Lincoln, but this is a complete mistake. The Lincoln Town Car is probably the second most known Lincoln in the United States after the amazing Continental. The Lincoln town car is the cab of choice for the executive, the Limo of choice for the vulgar, and the Daily Driver of choice for the pimp. Its shape is instantly recognizable, as well as its black paint job and front crest that it wears with pride. Even if you come from Kazakhstan or from Bogota you know that if this pulls up to take you to your hotel it means business. This aura of luxury, of comfort, and chintzy prestige is the heritage that Lincoln has on its back. Its the reason why Lincoln is recognized as a brand, and why Americans haven't left it as forgotten as the iPod Touch.


Then we arrive to the reasoning behind all this racism to the road sofa's. Lincoln doesn't want to be seen as an old mans brand, and would like to entice younger buyers. There is nothing wrong with that strategy. But trying to make their passenger cars more sporty and edgy will just scare away the loyal customers who want serenity (And actually have the money). And, the only difference it will make with the younger crowd is it will create a little more hesitation before they put a deposit on a 320i. If Lincoln wants to be cool, they have to do it with cars that were cool in the first place. A Mustang based Lincoln coupe? A 6.2 V8 Navigator? Raptor Based Mark LT?(!) Cars like these to make headlines is what will sizzle the hormones of the younger crowd, and what will inevitably take years and grey hairs from Lincoln's neck.


And we go back to the question. Why would Lincoln exterminate the cars that has literally kept it alive for all this time? There is nothing wrong with being comfy, or being a cruiser or following your own heritage. Yes, change and renovation is good, but only if your past was loathed by everyone. The Lincoln Town car, and all of the leisurely Lincoln's similar to it gave the brand a character that a lot of people enjoyed. In some cases, that a lot of people needed. Respect the past that has kept you living and embrace it. Its not a good idea to try and belong to the cool guys Lincoln, you're never going to fit in.