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Meet The Volkswagen Golf R Concept That Wants To Be A Tesla

Volkswagen has revealed a new concept vehicle called the Golf R Touch at the Consumer Electronics Show that is currently taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Based on the regular Golf R hatchback, the Golf R Touch's interior has been designed with the driver in mind, according to Volkswagen. A series of 3D cameras and proximity sensors monitor the driver's movements, which allows vehicle functions and operations to be controlled with hand gestures rather than physical buttons or knobs.


Complementing the gesture controls are three touchscreen displays that give the cockpit (especially the dashboard) a Tesla-like ambiance. The instrument cluster has been replaced with a 12.3-inch screen, while the center stack is made of a 12.8-inch infotainment control center and a smaller 8-inch screen that controls climate functions.

Although many companies have failed to successfully implement gesture controls in place of standard, more intuitive and accurate, physical controls, Volkswagen is adamant that theirs will take off. Here's what they said in their press release:

"The development team for the Golf R Touch pursued the goal of producing an interior and infotainment concept that would fulfill seemingly contradictory requirements. Despite the continually growing complexity and number of functions, this concept was intended to reduce driver distractions while attaining maximum personalization and intuitive operation in the car."


VW has not yet announced whether the Golf R Touch interior design will make it into production cars, but we assume that the decision will be based on consumer feedback to the system.

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