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Playmobil Made This Awesome Porsche You'll Definitely Want

I have to be honest, Playmobil to me is the Minute Maid lemonade from a 20 year old KFC compared to the Lego, fresh, home-made lemonade drank in a recently mowed lawn. I never really cared for what they did until now! Unlike Lego who only seem to be associated with Ferrari and F1, this is a very nice road car we enthusiasts love. Its a 911 Carrera S if you can't tell with added possibility of turning it to a convertible or adding the GT3 wing. Even better, the (I guess) press pictures of the toy was in what seems to be the Porsche museum accompanied by the ones you don't let your kid play with.

As the Hot Wheels collecting, Maisto storing, Lego building car lover I am I do want this. Badly.


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