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The New Lexus RX Is Supposedly Coming To New York

Lexus announced back in November 2014 that they would be bringing two new models to the Detroit Auto Show that took place this week, a performance car and something else. The new performance car was the new GS F sedan, and the "something else" was rumored to be the redesigned 2016 RX crossover. Yeah, well, it wasn't.

Instead of revealing the GS F and a new RX, they revealed the GS F and an their new racing program. So what about the RX? According to the latest reports, it's New York-bound.


I find it somewhat ironic that Edmunds originally started the buzz about the RX coming to Detroit, and now that they've seen that they were clearly wrong, they've published info stating that it's headed for New York in April.


In the new report, Edmunds cites unnamed "industry sources." Which doesn't make us very confident. You see, they don't have a fantastic track record with this sort of thing; they were wrong about when a new Cadillac ELR would debut (they said Los Angeles), they were wrong about when a new Lexus RX would debut (they said Detroit), and I'm fairly confident that these aren't the only examples.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if their latest prediction (I call it a prediction because they probably haven't actually gotten information from Lexus, or they likely would've said that Lexus specifically said it was coming to New York) comes true or not. Stay tuned, folks.

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