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What Car You Just Can't Picture New At The Dealership?

There are some cars that you always see in the roads, being recklessly driven by dunces completely abused till its last bolt with the usual assortment of offensive stickers. Their headlights are so hazed your iPhones flashlight lit from the interior would create a better view. Their steelies are so bent and worn they wouldn't even work for holding your garden hose. The paint is so faded it looks like a lunatic used hedgehogs to polish it. And, most times its the car that brings you Saturday night dinner pizza.

These types of cars are the ones you never see brand spanking new at a showroom, they are cars that just randomly appeared half beaten to hell in your commute. Clean ones are hard to find, and immaculate ones are downright unicorns. What are these cars you just never imagine sparkling under the dealerships lightbulbs, about to be driven off the lot by a proud new owner?

To me, its the Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera from the 1990's.


Even in this picture looking pretty much intact, I can't imagine it as a new car. All I see is this:

Now Thats more like it!

Tell me, what car do you see on the road that you'd never imagine new in the showrooms?


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